Milestones in the history of GTD

  • 1991 GTD was founded by Dr Ulf Rosenblatt 
  • 1992 Relocation to Linden
  • 1997 Expansion of the production
  • 2000 Relocation to company-owned building in Langgöns
  • 2000 Certification to ISO-9001
  • 2003 Certification to ISO-14001
  • 2007 Commissioning of high-temperature plant
  • 2009 Move to the new production facilities and office building
  • 2014 Commissioning of purification furnance
  • 2015 Commissioning of water jet cutting machine

Our steady growth is documented by the consistently growing number of employees. Moreover GTD has been a major trainer for several years now in the commercial and the industrial area.