Using the inexhaustible energy potential of the sun is a significant contribution to environmental protection. Photovoltaic, i.e. converting solar energy to electrical power using solar cells is a central and expanding element of renewable energies. Thus, the photovoltaic will play an ever increasing role in ensuring that our global power supply demands are met in future. As well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the photovoltaics industry continues to provide jobs in the wider community and plays an important role in sustaining local economy.

The production of high-purity silicon (polysilicon) for the solar industry as well as additional manufacturing steps such as batch fusion, single crystals and wafer processing would not be possible without the use of graphite and carbon fibre-reinforced carbon. All of these techniques require custom designed products which are especially suited for high-temperature processes. GTD processes and supplies graphite and C/C for all areas of the solar industry:

Applications: Polysilicon / Siemensreactor

  • Heaters
  • Reactor components
  • Contact makers
  • Insulation components
  • Connection components

Applications Batch fusion plant / Czochralski process / string ribbon plant

  • Heaters
  • Crucibles
  • Support crucible (base and side panels)
  • Cover plates
  • Connection components
  • Graphite foils
  • Graphite felt

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Applications wafer processing / CVD coating processes

  • Graphite or C/C carrier systems 
  • Connection components

 Your consultant for photovoltaic applications:

   Martin Barthelmie   
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