WAFC is a high temperature resistant, non-brittle, all oxide ceramic matrix composite (OCMC) material, ideally suited for high temperature applications in high vacuum, in oxidizing or corrosive environments.

        The material is produced by the company WPX Faserkeramik GmbH and originally marketed under the name WHIPOX®. A sales cooperation with GTD Graphit Technologie exists since October 2014 which is exclusive for high vacuum and high temperature soldering and diffusion welding applications and non-exclusive for other high temperature applications.

        WAFC uniquely combines the advantages of metals and ceramics:

-          High thermal shock resistance (> 1,000° K/sec, and > 1,000°K/cm)
          Temperature stability (beyond 1,200°C)
-          Oxidation and corrosion resistance
-          Chemically inert against metallic melts (e.g. aluminum, zinc)
-          High tensile, bending, and torsional strength
-          Light-weight
-          Ductile, non-brittle fracture behaviour
-          Electromagnetic transparency (for inductive heating)
-          Electrical insulator
-          Low thermal conductivity
-          Usable in high vacuum

-          Soldering base and fixture
-          Separators for C/C carriers
-          Product carriers, charging racks
-          Refractory linings