Metal continuous casting

Metal continuous casting is a process for continuous manufacturing of wrought material i.e. in form of band, bolts, wires, conduits. The liquid material solidifies within the ingot mould and is drawn out oscillating in casting direction. We supply graphite ingot moulds for:

  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Noble metals

Non-ferrous metals

For the production of bronze, brass, nickel silver and other Cu alloys we manufacture:

  • Band moulds
  • Bolt moulds
  • Wire moulds

Noble metals

For the continuous casting of noble metals (i.e. jewellery, dental gold, silver) we supply:

Graphite moulds for

  • Band
  • Wire
  • Conduit
  • Crucible
  • Cover
Metal continuous casting
Metal continuous casting 2
Metal continuous casting 3

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