At GTD, you will find the right material to meet your exact finishing requirements, from roughing to finishing high-quality surfaces. In addition to our customised segments, which are cut-to-length as defined by your specific requirements (usually sent out on the same day), we also offer an increasing range of standardised products.

Procuct picture electrical discharge machining

Fine grain graphite

Fine grain graphite for roughing/finishing

  • ISEM-2
  • ISEM-8
  • TTK-50
  • TTK-55
  • ISO-63

Ultrafine grain for roughing/ultrafine finishing 

  • TTK-4
  • TTK-5
  • TTK-8
  • TTK-9

Apart from segments cut-to-length as defined in your requirements which are usually sent out on the same day, we also offer an increasing range of standard products.

  • Square bars
  • Head electrodes 
  • Sheets precisely cut to length 
  • Tapered sheets
  • Round bars 
  • Graphite sheets 
  • Electrode blanks with hole patterns 
  • Ready-to-clamp

For detailed information on graphite for EDM, please refer to our brochure which can be downloaded.

If you have questions on our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Product picture fine grain graphite

If you have questions on our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Hole pattern GTD

The GTD hole pattern system solution consists of a graphite blank with hole pattern and a hardened tool-steel shaft. Thanks to a screw M6 and the two fixing pins, a secure connection is ensured. The shaft may be reused as often as required.

The  electrode blanks are available off-the-shelf in more than 70 variants. This means that we can ensure extremely short delivery times. The optimised use of material leads to considerably reduced costs for you. Thanks to the standardisation in the entire process chain from mechanical engineering and purchasing through to cutting and eroding, you may achieve major cost and time savings.

Additional information on this topic can be found here:
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Square bars

Blanks milled all-round to fit your supports with or without chamfer are delivered at short notice. The different lengths reduce your cutting scrap.

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Product picture square bars

Head electrodes

We will gladly supply customised electrode sizes upon request. 

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Product picture head electrodes

Sheets are precisely cut to length


All sheets supplied are cut using our precise sawing machine, which ensures accurate product dimensions and a high quality surface finish.  As a result, most surfaces do not require any additional milling or grinding. As you would expect, graphite sheets are available in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and material grades at GTD.



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Sheets are precisely cut to length

Tapered sheets

GTD not only offers the versions mentioned below; if required, we will also be pleased to produce customised versions in different graphite material grades.

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Rib electrodes

Round bars / Graphite sheets

Further information on our round bars and foil sheets can be downloaded by clicking here.


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Round bars / Foil sheets

Electrode blanks with hole patterns

Manufacturing electrode blanks with hole patterns for support systems ties up personnel resources and often leads to reduced up-time for in-house cutting machines.In order to save time and reduce costs, GTD manufacture cost-efficient graphite electrodes with pre-fabricated hole patterns. These are compatible with all common support systems such as Erowa, 3R, Hirschmann, REF System or Mecatool. Needless to say, we will always work to your individual requirements and provide an efficient and fully customised solution.

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Electrode blanks with hole patterns