GTD HybridSystems®

The GTD-HybridSystem®, which was developed by GTD in Germany, offers a ground-breaking combination of different materials like metal and ceramic with carbon fiber-reinforced carbon (C/C). This provides a unique synergy of the positive attributes of each material for the perfect use in thermal treatment applications. The GTD HybridSystem® is protected by national and international trade mark rights.


Customized charging rod with C/C reinforcement
A metal rod with a C/C core
specially designed to load
hanging parts. 




Standard charging rod with C/C reinforcement
Form stability combined with a long
lifetime for safe loading of component
parts made of various dimensions and
wall thicknesses.




C/C racks and grids with ceramic inlays 
Patented C/C system element with
ceramic inlays to prevent reactions
and secure the load.



C/C racks and grids with ceramic and/or ceramic-fibre support 
The best combination to secure
products for bracing and hot pressing
in high temperature atmospheres of
vacuum ovens without having contact

Your consultant for high temperature applications:

Martin Barthelmie
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