Glass processing

In the glass industry many C/C (carbon fibre-reinforced carbon) or graphite parts are used since the phase-out of asbestos.

We supply components for:

Industry glass production

We supply components for:

Flat glass production

For float glass plants, as well as for glass panel and glazed display panel manufacturers, we supply:

  • Strippers
  • Bearings for transport castors
  • Liner
Glass processing

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Fused quartz glass production

The following C/C and graphite components made from oxidation-resistant or cleaned material are used for the production of fused quartz glass for the optical industry or fibreglass production:

  • Heaters
  • Inliner
  • Crucibles
  • Support rollers
  • Graphite foil

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Your consultant for glass processing:

Martin Barthelmie
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What are the most important properties of graphite or C/C in the glass production?

  • High oxidation stability
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • High mechanic stability

Which are the preferred fields of application for C/C and graphite in hollow and container glass manufacturing?

  • Pincers
  • Sweep-out finger/arm
  • Channelling systems
  • Insulator for the stacker bar

What are the advantages of charging a carbon fibre-reinforced carbon stacker bar?

  • High mechanical strength
  • The carbon fibres absorb impacts
  • High oxidation stability thanks to special impregnation